Liability Waiver for participation. Please read and submit online prior to your event.

Policies and FAQ

How do I reserve a party date/time?  
All parties are booked online (link on our Birthday Party Page). There is a $100 non-refundable deposit for booking a party. This will be applied to your party balance.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my party?
All parties require a $100 non-refundable booking deposit. If you need to reschedule your party date for any reason, you must contact us no later than 14-days prior to your scheduled party date. There will be a $50 non-refundable re-booking fee deducted from your $100 deposit. The remaining $50 will go towards your rescheduled party. After the 14-day cutoff, deposits become non-refundable. If you need to cancel your party for any reason, the $100 deposit will not be refunded and cannot be applied to any future unscheduled party dates. Additional add on a princess deposits ($75) are non-refundable and non-transferrable to another date.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and cash. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.
Am I required to tip my party hosts?
Although tips are not required, if you feel like your party hosts were exceptional, gratuities are welcome at your discretion. 100% of all tips paid will go to your party hostesses running your party.
What age group is best for your royal tea parties or spa parties?
Princess Tea, Ballerina Tea and Unicorn parties are recommend for ages 3-12. Please contact us regarding availability for older/younger age group. Spa parties are best for older groups 6-13 and are not recommended for guests under 6.

Are boys allowed?
Yes, however, please be advised that boys can bring the whole intensity level of the party up by 100% which can take away from the fairytale tea party experience that we strive for. We are a girly venue and cater to little girls, so often times boys (espeically boys over the age of 5) get bored very quickly and do not want to participate. We do offer a dragon option instead of the pink unicorn for our Unicorn Princess Package- please request upon booking if needed.
Is there a minimum/maximum amount of guests?
Parties requires a minimum of 8 children (including the birthday child). For Princess Tea, Ballerina Tea, and Unicorn Parties, there is a maximum limit of 16 children (including the birthday child). Sweet Spa packages have a limit of 10 guests including the Birthday Child. Base party package prices are for UP TO 8 children. If your party has less than 8 children, a discount will not be provided and the base package price will be charged.
How long are the parties?
Parties last one and a half hours (1 - 1/2 hours) . Extra half hour for opening gifts is available for an additional cost. You MUST request this at time of booking and is subject to availability and is ONLY allowed for opening gifts, no substitutions like additional . Due to multiple parties being booked throughout the day, we must be strict on the 1-1/2 hour time frame and cannot allow additional time for opening gifts unless otherwise discussed at time of booking. Birthday child and family can arrive 5-MINUTES prior to their party start time. Guests will be welcomed in at the start time of the party. Time to change before and after the party are included in the 1-1/2 hour party time.

Can we open gifts during the party?
No, unfortunately gift opening takes a lot of time and we like to pack our parties full of fun. Our hostesses will help you load up your gifts to take home to open if you like. Please prepare your child for this prior to the party to prevent disappointment. If opening gifts is an absolute must, please purchase the additional 30 minutes for $89.

Can we bring outside food or drinks?
We do not allow outside food or drinks without prior approval.  Certain finger foods are acceptable but MUST receive prior approval. You may bring your own wine or champage, however we ask NO RED wine. Absolutely no coolers are allowed. We provide party trays for adults if you wish to add one to your party package. 72 hour notice is required for all party trays.

Can I come in a view the venue before booking?
Yes! However, since our venue is not staffed except for during parties/events, appointments are required and this is only available  during certain hours. Please call or email us for available times.

What if I want to hire a princess to come to my party?
We work with a local Princess-For-Hire company who will provide a princess for 30 min- 1 hour of your party. Since parties are 1-1/2 hrs long, the princess will show up 30-45 minutes into the party so that she is able to participate in all of our fun activities. Princess are subject to availability and require an additional $75 booking fee at time of reservation. If you decide to cancel your princess after you have booked your party, the $75 fee will be non-refundable and cannot be applied to another date. Please do not forget to tip your princess (can be added to your tip at check out day of the party)! Characers are required to stay in character, so please do not give any princess money directly for her services or discuss anything with her that may cause her to go out of character. She is individually contracted and not a Tiaras & Tea Parties employee.
What if we add on additional guests after we book the party?
We require a final headcount seven (5) days prior to your party date. We will call you to confirm this 5-7 days prior to your party. If you have a last minute add on, please let us know as soon as possible to make sure we can accomodate. Larger parties may require additional staff, so please let us know as soon as possible so that we can staff your party accordingly.
As the party parent, how early do we need to arrive?
Due to parties being hosted throughout the day, we ask that you do not arrive early. Entry will be allowed at the scheduled party time for guests and 5-MINUTES prior for the birthday child and family. Since the party will be hosted, no set up will be required by the party parent. If you arrive early, you may not be allowed to enter the venue since we may still be cleaning and setting up for your party. If children arrive early and begin the activities early, the flow of the party will be compromised.

Can we bring additional decorations to the party?
We ask that you do not bring anything additional for decorating the venue. You may bring a small bouquet of balloons, however we ask that you do not bring any additional banners, centerpieces, or hanging decorations. Your party package includes goodie bags, however you may bring additional favors if you wish.
What if we are running behind?
Parties start promptly and end at the scheduled time. No exceptions.
What if some of my guests are running behind?
If a guest arrives late, they will join the party in progress. If they have missed part of the party due to tardy arrival, we will not be able to provide this service (example: missing dress up, hair, nails, makeup, coronation, etc) We will however try our best to accomodate. If the child misses out on a party favor (spa station or plush stuffing, one of our hostesses will make the craft for them to take home). If the guest is late and unable to participate in the full party, no refund or discount would be offered for partial participation.

What if my child or one of our guests has a food allergy?
We understand the seriousness of food allergies. If your child or one of your guests has an allergy, we ask that you notify us prior to booking your party so that accomodations can be made. It is parents' responsibility to make sure a child is aware that they may not be able to eat food provided at the party. Our treats do not contain peanuts, but may be produced in a factory with nuts. They do all contain wheat and eggs.
Can we bring our own cake/cupcakes?
Yes! Or you can order cupcakes from us- pricing listed on our "a la carte" add ons. No icecream or icecream cakes please!
Can we provide our own goodie bags?
All party packages come with "Thank you" bags to be distributed to each guest. You can, however, provide additional treats/gifts for your guests. Discounts to our party package will not be provided for those who do not wish to use our "Thank you" bags.
What should our guests wear?
We ask that children wear underwear and a leotard/bathing suit/ well fitted tank top under their clothes so that they can comfortably change into our party dresses. We wash our costumes after use, but we recommend the leotard/bathing suit/well fitted tank top be worn to make changing easier and quicker and to help prevent any itchiness that our dresses may cause on sensitive skin. Children can also wear the dresses over their clothing if they would like. For our Ballerina parties, children will be given tutus to wear during the party. A leotard or bathing suit is required. Please note this on your party invitations.
Are parents of our guests allowed to stay? Can I drop off my child?
Yes! Parents are encouraged to stay if they would like to do so. We provide extra seating for parents along with complementary coffee. If you wish drop off your child, that child becomes the party parent's responsibility. If a parent does not pick up their child on time, we will not allow children to stay and wait inside. It will be the party parent's responsibility to wait with the child until their parent arrives. Since we have to prepare for the next party, waiting in the venue will not be allowed.
Can siblings stay?
Younger (baby/toddler) and older (13 years +) are welcome to stay as onlookers. Please be aware that younger siblings in attendance will want to participate in the activities. Since our party hostesses will be busy running the party, they will be unable to determine which child is a sibling. If a sibling attends, it will be the parents responsibility to tend to them as they will not be allowed to participate in the activities. If they do participate regardless of their amount of participation, the party parent will be charge for the additional child. No exceptions.
What happens to a child who is misbehaving?
Good behavior is always encouraged by our staff, however we are not responsible for the behavior of the party guests.We are responsible for hosting the party and engaging in activities with our guests and birthday child. It is the party parent's responsibility to monitor and take charge if a child is not behaving. The party parent will be responsible for any distruction of property caused by a party guests.  No refunds or discounts will be given for children who are mis-behaving, ill, or unwilling to participate in all activities. Please do not allow children to destroy the party venue property.
What kind of decorations do you provide?
All packages include our whimsical castle decor. Our tables are covered in satin table clothes with decorative runner and center pieces. For our tea parties, each place setting includes a paper doilie charger, glass plate, china teacup and saucer, cupcake pedestal, linen napkin, and teaspoon. Spa Parties include spa stations and the table set with a spa theme such as rose petals and candles. We ask that you do not bring additional decorations.

What is "princess tea"?
Our princess tea is pink raspberry lemonade

 What food is included in our party package?
Raspberry lemonade, 2 small pasties (either cookie, brownie, cinnamon roll, muffin- depending on availabilty), and a fruit skewer with a strawberry and grapes.

Do licensed nail technicians perform your Sweet Spa Parties?
No. All services are for  ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. No tools are used. No clipping, filing, peeling, will be performed. We do follow strict standards for sanitation and safety. All of our processes are initiated and complted with the health and safety of the girls in mind. Some of our items are disposible, others are cleansed with strict standards of sanitation after each use. We use a scented sugar scrub, pedicure spa tablets for the foot soak, scented lotions, and avocado mud masks for our mini "facials".

What is a "mini" mani or pedi?
We refer to the mani or pedi as "MINI" because we do not use the process or tools like a salon mani/pedi. Our mini mani/pedis are for entertainment purposes only.

Tiaras and Tea Parties assumes no responsibility or liability for any or all accidents or theft. It is your responsibility to secure all personal belongings before, during, and after the party. Tiaras and Tea Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions or illness related to the food brought into our facility by the parent parent or guest parents and consumed at the party. Please discuss all food allergies with the party host prior to the party start. Please discuss any topical allergies that may be caused by our Sweet Spa Party package. Our facility is not toddler/baby proof. Toddlers and crawling babies must be kept within arms reach of their parents during the party. Due to the nature of birthday parties, small items, beads, or other choking hazards may be on the ground, as well as tipable and breakable furniture/decoration. If a parent decides to leave the party, that child becomes the responsibility of the party parent, and the party parent is responsible in making sure the child is picked up at the end of the party. No children will be allowed to remain in the venue once the party has ended. The party parent MUST wait with any child remaining at the party once it has ended. We have a bench outside, however waiting inside is not allowed due to party turnover.